Animal Crossing New Horizons Review

We take a close look at Animal Crossing New Horizons, The New stop for those suffering from urban life, those who have disappeared from this mess.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons review: I’m thoroughly overwhelmed by city life. I want to start a life with nature, where I can rest my head, or where everything is perhaps simpler. Fortunately, I found a good agent on this issue recently. It’s really hard to have an agency like this, but it looks like they’re going to be very helpful to me in my new life. I’ve made my decision, packed my bags, and I’m on my way out of this city crowd, this mess.

This place where I’m going to start my new life is a bit deserted. There’s not much else but fruit trees and streams where I can fish. If we don’t count agency officials with me, there’s only two more. At least I’m glad I won’t be alone in the adjustment process. Although I will be staying in a simple tent for a while, these circumstances will not undo my decision.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review
My first days on the island are a little quiet. I eat, fish, and try to help the people of the island. Tom Nook, the owner of the agency, even says that if I take the necessary steps, I’ll have my own home. I have to spend almost 100,000 bells to have a dam over my head and I only have 100 Bells in my pocket. Thankfully, I’m getting paid for my work here, I’m excited to have my own home. I sell fruit, fish, Beetle and keep saving money. Those who come with me are also very hardworking, and they have already started on almost equal terms and entered into household debt.

I’m trying to help the people of the island while saving money. They say that if I collect more insects, fish, or collect fossils around, there will even be a museum on the island. After all, this will be my place to spend my life. No matter how much I owe, there’s nothing like your own home. And I can decorate as I wish. If I wanted, I could build a huge double road in front of the house, or even put up a fence to set my garden boundaries. But first, I have to do some digging around and pay off the House.. Can I have more space if I cut down those trees?

Yes, these are just a few of the events that occurred in the early hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In short, your first days in your new life are almost like this. As you can see, this production begins quite simply as we move away from the chaos of the city, the classic games with guns. But soon you start to realize that you’re actually trying to shape that life you’re trying to escape, that you’re starting to pursue much better things. Although there is a lot of discussion about the game, it does contain a lot of detail in its subtext, but in fact Animal Crossing: New Horizons is quite a simple game. The important thing is that in this game, which you have entered into debt and gradually evolved towards imperialism, what you will do is the great freedom that you have offered(FASCO nook).

Animal Crossing is a production that has managed to isolate itself from other games. It features real-time gameplay, as in the first game of the series. In fact, the main logic and bone structure of the game are kept the same. The real-time phenomenon is very important at this point. So normally what time it is, what day of the month it is, you live in the same time frame in the game. If you enter the game at night, you can dive into the course of the stars shining in the sky, and witness the sunrise at dawn along with other island residents. Or you see the trees bloom in the first spring. As a matter of fact, in these days when I write the review of the play, with the arrival of spring, the island has become all colorful.

This time phenomenon is very important. Because depending on the phenomenon of time in the game, both the ecology is changing and you are witnessing how different things can be made. All kinds of fish, butterflies, börtü insects always have a different time, season. Again, you can see how different events can occur on the island depending on whether you enter day or night. In fact, Animal Crossing’ta do not take a lot of time to do a daily, but the island there, the neighbor relations, always obliges you to look at the game. In a way, these facts connect you to your island. Even in the middle of the night, you start to pick up the console by saying, “Hey, let’s see what I’m going to encounter.” Or, ” did someone come to the guy, Tom Nook will make an announcement this time, I was in debt to expand the house, I wonder what happened to the job, a runaway floor over there?”as you grapple with questions, you always begin to imagine yourself on that island. In short, as you continue your life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons I can say that you begin to realize that you have a separate life.
There are so many things to do on the island. To do this, you need to collect the necessary materials from around. At some point, Tom Nook and his crew, who fall on you like a loan shark, come to your aid, but you’re always the key. This island adventure, which started with a small tent in the first place, soon turns into a huge town. You have neighbors, you have a market on the island, you even have a huge museum, as I just said. You are also proud to have the fossils and creatures that you have captured or donated to be exhibited in this museum. By the way, don’t think of anything small when you say Museum. In Animal Crossing, the rules of physics and reality work a little differently, and even though it looks small from the outside, when you enter it, you encounter a huge museum, divided into three sections.

The Craft system is the backbone of the game. You go to the craft system to uncover all these items and to help you in everyday use, such as fishing line, axe, shovel, etc. The number of items in the game increases so much that the development of this large scale brings about the change in the island. Even with the changes you will make on the land in the later stages, the phenomenon of “this island is mine and it will be as I want it to be” comes with it.

Of course, you can travel to different islands or even to other players ‘ islands to improve the order on the island. For example, at the beginning of the game, my man only had cherry trees. Along with other players and island visits, I was able to plant peaches, apples, even coconut trees on the island. It is also possible to communicate with NPC characters as well as with other players. You can invite them to your island and offer them the fruits you have collected, show off the fossils you have collected in the museum, or enjoy the moonlight together by the fire. By the way, radishes are incredibly dear friends. Some days of the week, radishes sold at higher prices, over time, even the black market can witness the fall. By the way, each NPC has a different personality and you need to be in constant contact with them. My favorite is blathers, the museum director. As I mentioned earlier, the fossil, börtü insect is a very knowledgeable brother of blathers who can collect whatever you have. Although it often succumbs to sleep, the information it gives about insects, fossils or butterflies you collect reveals how Educational the game is.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is also quite cute visually. The colorful characters and the feeling of a living world are among my favorite points of the game. If you wish, you can customize your character and also witness how much the island can change. Of course, there are many static events in the game, but the dynamism of island life and ecology has come to the fore. With so many features in the game, you can encounter the same scenes, dialogues when you do them all over again. In fact, this is not a minus for me, indeed, Animal Crossing has never been a game in a hurry. And yet, I must say, the loading times bore me. Okay, the limits of the Switch are clear, but in a game with these visuals, I would expect shorter load times even if it works in real time.

As a result, Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game that every Switch owner must acquire. Of course, if you are waiting for action and committed to this genre with passion, the game may disappoint you. When you ignore it, I can tell you that there is an endless game waiting for you. There are so many topics to talk about, such as Nook Miles, gift system, online infrastructure, that there are really not enough words to tell them all. As I said, Animal Crossing is a game in no hurry and opens the door to a whole new life of sorts. You can’t stop yourself from walking through this door, so to speak..