Doom Eternal follows in the footsteps of the game released in 2016 and manages to deliver pure action to game lovers.
Doom Eternal review: one of the game world’s most established series, Doom, as you know it, entered a new bend in 2016 and received great acclaim. The series, with its ever-violent gameplay and dizzying action structure, was reborn from the ashes of this game and fulfilled its duty with its pure action.

Probably a lot of you, like me, asked the same question when you started seeing the Doom Eternal videos, “do they decorate the same game a little bit and bring it back to us?”at the beginning of the review, I can answer this question with peace of mind as a “no.” Yes, Doom Eternal uses the skeleton of Doom, which came out in 2016, as its bone structure, but the production team has managed to add a different tone to the character and the game, along with the innovations they have used. Now let’s look at these differences and the overall structure of the game together.

Doom Eternal Review
First of all, one of the biggest changes in the game is the story presentation. In the game of Doom, the signals of this were much given, but with the Doom Eternal review, the contribution of the story and its presentation to the game was drawn even more clearly. Of course, when you mention the story, you don’t think about long conversations, boring decals. The action structure of the game will disrupt, this structure will disrupt a functioning opposite us. On the contrary, the chain was fed a good portion of the story. The narration is much clearer and this situation “we are cutting so many creatures, but why?”he also manages to answer his question himself.

Not only is Doom an Eternal story, but it is also connected to the overall story of the series. I mean, as soon as you start playing, you go after the hell priests, but it doesn’t tell you why, like it tells you about the identity of the character you’re directing, the Doom Slayer, or some elementary school kid. You have to be a little familiar with the story to know the main story, this chaos in the game, literally. Of course, if you haven’t played Doom before, you’re not bored with this story structure. You realize that you have a goal and that you will moan the Earth and Sky in line with your goal as soon as you start the game. Just as Doom Slayer puts his helmet on his head, you feel ready to fight from the first minute of the game.

The production team doesn’t see you as a novice, and as soon as you start playing, you find yourself in a big action.
The biggest reason for this is that, just like the story, the game doesn’t see you as a novice. This is a game where you can play the game as well as play the game as well as the game is a rookie görmeyişi geliyesi. so as soon as you start playing, you don’t get a commander or an AI. There are no directives like push this to jump, push this to shoot. You are given a weapon and you begin to learn all these main dynamics within the game. Such directives are positioned instead of a brief informational screen in case you encounter enemies or situations. This screen contains clues to defeat enemies. Because you have to watch out for certain tricks to kill every enemy, especially those that will force you. Or you start to realize that neither life nor ammunition are enough for this struggle.

For example, in order to download the Revenants in the game, you need to target their weapons first. Or you can’t do the necessary damage without smashing the armor of your armored enemies with a big fist. Surely the most annoying are the Cacodemons. The cacodemons, which you can barely kill even if you drop bullets, can get them done quickly by placing a bomb in their mouths. Of course, there are enemies in the game that come in flocks, enemies that we call the rabble who come only to provide you with ammunition or life. When all these dynamics come together, you also begin to realize how enjoyable the sense of conflict is.
Because these weak spots, the footy and other dynamics become tactics for you after a certain period of time. So have a strong army around you. When you try to take them down, you often don’t touch the weak ones in front of you. When you begin to run out of life, shield or ammunition, then the mob you tactically Left Alive becomes a mobile ammunition depot for you. As you learn this and such, you begin to feel invincible, even in more crowded enemy attacks.

Of course, at the heart of this Invincibility lies character development. Doom has always been a game where the action structure is high-end. In Doom Eternal, perhaps for the first time in the series, you feel that your character is slowly getting stronger. As always in this case of empowerment, weapons, weapons updates are large, but this time, as well as weapons, character development has been kept in the forefront. In addition to the improvements you will make in matters such as Can, shield or ammunition, you can make different choices to your character’s platform capabilities or perks, and you can improve all of these features. Even at the beginning of the game, these developmental features even confuse your head. After a certain period of time you dominate the event, developing your character and weapons to become an almost Invincible Armada.

As always in the Game Of Doom Eternal, the importance of guns is quite large. We have a wide range of weapons, apart from your big fist, your chainsaw that comes to your aid in the final moments, and your Glory Kill, where you smash enemies. Weapons like Combat Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Heavy Cannon, Chaingun, Plasma Rifle, Ballista, Rocket Launcher and BFG-9000 are used throughout the game. All of these weapons have two different shooting modes.

For example, the Combat Shotgun acts as a classic shotgun in normal shooting, and when you shoot with the right click, it turns into a grenade launcher. Especially for the Cacodemons I mentioned earlier, you usually use this shooting mode. We also have the chance to get different shots by changing the weapon modes. In addition to all these features that turn you into a standing army, there is a flamethrower and grenade launcher placed on your shoulder. It is quite enjoyable to burn enemies with a flamethrower and watch them give you an advantage or use your grenade launcher which has different types of features. In addition to the classic bomb that takes down the opponents, this grenade launcher also has bombs that freeze your enemies in a certain area.

Yes, as you’ve noticed, there are dozens of options available to take down the enemy in the game. All of these options begin to master in a short time and you become almost a hunter with character development. With platform dynamics and portals in the playing field, the game structure of Doom Eternal becomes as enjoyable as it is fast and fast.
The biggest handicap here is that you can’t feel your fingers after a certain period of time. You press so many buttons so fast that at the end of the episode, your fingers snap together like the twill character in Arog.

Doom Eternal also features a multiplayer mode called Battle Mode. You can enter this mode and choose the Slayer or Demon side to fight against the other players. It has a great harmony with the action scenes in the sense of music, Doom Eternal, especially if you like the genre wipes the rust out of your ears. Mick Gordon, who also signed on to the music of the previous game, again signed on to a fantastic job with the Doom orchestra.

Doom Eternal, which is not visually ambitious but achieves its part very well, stands out especially in the effects section. the most pleasing side of the technical sense is the lack of FPS lock in the game. of course, you have to have a system that can perform on 60 FPS to experience this enjoyment.

After playing Doom Eternal, you don’t get nervous and stress, you’re like a pussy.
As a result, Doom Eternal follows in the footsteps of The Game Of Doom, as I said at the beginning. Plot outline: a young man with a broken heart finds his way into a small town where he finds himself trapped in a dream. The balance of action and what you can do is so liberated that the game reaches a level of stress relief for you after a certain period of time. of course, I have to admit that the higher the difficulty, the more the stress bar changes. In this regard, you will find that there are some good opponents in the game for the competitive players as well.