Resident Evil 3: Remake, a revamped version of one of the series ‘ most beloved games, is the new guest of our review corner.
Resident Evil 3: Remake review: known as one of the most important names in the survival Horror genre, The Resident Evil series transitioned into different genres with the fourth game, upsetting the older fans of the series. With the seventh game, bringing back fear and tension, Capcom also delights its former fans, with The Resident Evil 2 Remake released last year, “finally returning to its roots.”his thought had spread. A year after the release of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, this time we’re with the remake of the third game.

Resident Evil 3: Remake Review
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, released in 1999, was published only a year after the second game and opened the rest of Racoon City to gamers. Unlike the second game, which was mostly set in a police station, we were facing a city where we could travel with our character and an enemy that would narrow this city to us. Resident Evil 3 Remake, how successful the original game brings to the next generation, let’s examine together.

This time, the S. We knew from the first gameT.A.R.We experience the story of Jill Valentine, member of S. The outbreak unfolds as Valentine, who is suspended after the events of game one, counts for days to leave the city. We are not alone in our struggle to get out of the city. In Carlos Oliveira, a member of the Umbrella company’s tactical forces, he fights with us to rescue civilians and carry out orders from above.

As if the people of the city possessed by the virus were not enough, a gigantic creature targeting only Jill is accompanying us on our adventure, which begins in the city and leads to the Umbrella Labs. Nemesis, which gave the original game its name, is a killing machine whose sole purpose is to hunt down Jill Valentine. When you see Nemesis, an absolutely unstoppable enemy, your only option is to escape. I have to say from the beginning, I strongly support the re-making of the games. I don’t like remastered games, which are released in high resolution without touching the bulky systems that we used to accept because of technical constraints. When comparing the differences between the content of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and the Remake version, I will try to look as impartially as I can.

The story gets off to a pretty interesting start. From a primary point of view, the play we begin in Jill’s apartment moves into the third point of view in the scene where nemesis introduces himself. As you run through the city and begin to meet other characters, you gradually realize that this game will be different from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. We’re actually playing not a remake of RE3: Nemesis, but a reinterpreted sequel to The Resident Evil 2 Remake, which came out last year. The graphics of the game certainly looks great. You can see clearly the details of the characters, the reactions of the enemies when they are damaged, and the scars you leave on them. You can see where your bullets hit, and your arms and legs can be severed as a result of damage to your enemies. The level of detail is quite nice, although there are details you can’t pay much attention to, especially at high levels of difficulty, when there are enemies after you.

RE Engine offers Raccoon City’s buildings under live lights and its residents, who are quite dead, with great success. You can see the devastation that’s happening around you and appreciate how beautiful the few shops that still stand still look. At least not when Nemesis isn’t after you.

Resident Evil 2 features infected people, zombie dogs and insects, as well as new enemies you will meet in this game. Lab-built creatures called Hunter are both durable and powerful enough to finish you off in a single blow. When creatures that put up robust struggles even on their own come with zombies hugging you to “let me have a bite,” you are quite likely to return to the previous recording point again. Although it is a system where you aim at various parts of the enemy and get different reactions according to the point you hit, I can’t say that this is very effective in the game. You need to hit a standard zombie’s head with a pistol 3 or 4 times. This can increase depending on the level of difficulty. The knife they say won’t break this time is useless except to break a box. I felt like they wanted us to run rather than fight through the game. The newly added fending mechanics seem to support my thinking.

Most of the puzzles found in the original game are absent in the Remake release. You feel the game has abandoned the puzzles and shifted into action. This is a city, and there are more zombies than the police station in the second game. Fighting enemies from time to time is inevitable. But because action mechanics aren’t suited to crowded battles, you’re having problems here, too.

The fending mechanics they add to the game are not too good to escape. While it is possible to escape enemy attacks with perfect timing, your normal fending moves become useless due to the “hitbox” area. Let me put it this way, you fend off, the zombie misses, but because of the hitbox in the gap, it can beam behind you and take a bite out of your neck. Or because you don’t have immunity (I-frame) in any way during fending off, the other zombie is able to catch you and do nothing against it.

There is a sense of urgency in the part that passes through the city. You feel as if the game is trying to get you out of town as fast as you can and into indoor areas.
When the zombies catch you, a button appears on the screen and you get the feeling that you’re going to get away with pressing it all the time. It’s nothing like that. He grabs your neck, he grabs the tip of your shoe, he gets that bite. The only benefit of constantly pressing the button is that you get less damage, even if you don’t change visually. Although we play with a character who can carry equipment larger than his own, we are incapable of kicking the zombie that tripped over our feet and climbed up and bit our neck in a slow way.

Let’s get to Nemesis, the real star of the game, the one we’ve all been waiting for. RE2 players Mr. He definitely remembers X. Nemesis is the enemy who takes on the same task in this game. It follows you through the city, jumps right in front of you when you think you’re safe, and even if you attack with your strongest weapons, you can only make it ineffective for a short time. While I don’t like the new design of garbage bags that look like they’re pinned down with staples, the parts he chased us through the city were quite enjoyable.

While Nemesis, which gave the original game its name, is quite scary as an image, I don’t think it’s used well enough.Nemesis, who used to follow you constantly, jumping in front of you at the most unexpected moments, becomes a character used to cinematic scenes and boss fights from the second half of the remake. Our fights against him, especially in the final chapters, constitute the idea of “Well this is the same as before”. It used to be that you had no idea when Nemesis was going to show up or how long it was going to chase you, and that was one of the most tense points of the game. Resident Evil 2’s Mr. The sense of tension that he managed to give with X was supposed to be a feature that Nemesis should have had as well. It would have been nice to have the tension of suddenly showing up when we were strolling through the city.

Unlike Resident Evil 2, although you start this game with a single character, Jill Valentine is not the game’s only controllable character. The Carlos Olivera you encounter throughout the story can be controlled for a while. Carlos, who is also noted for his avoidance of punching automatic rifles and zombies, also allows us to see the parts of the story that connect with Resident Evil 2. For short, the change feels good.

I’ve written a lot about the game, the graphics are very nice, the gameplay is not bad, there’s more than one playable character, new enemies and at least a Nemesis that’s not too bad. But I saved the most important thing for last. The game is too short. A first-time Resident Evil player can finish the game in two or three sessions at the normal level of difficulty. Featuring linear gameplay, the game offers an average playing time of 7 hours.
Although the selection feature found in the original game and some of the areas that we can normally visit were removed in order to tell the new story, it did not bother me very much. After all, they want to tell a new story, and it’s their choice to do it in a more linear way. But the story’s ending was both short and in the taste of “average American film.” “Did you cut a lot of features for that?”he makes you think.

There is a sense of urgency in the part that passes through the city. You feel as if the game is trying to get you out of town as fast as you can and into indoor areas.This eliminates the old weight of Nemesis, and also causes the game to end quickly without using its potential. You feel as if they were in a hurry to get the game out. The removal of the Mercenaries mode in the original game also restricts the activities you can do after the game is finished. Once you have finished the game, you have no choice but to play in more difficult modes or to finish the game with challenges such as “playing without saving at all”, “not using a gun outside the gun”. And if you want to play multiplayer, there’s Resistance.

Resistance is a multiplayer game mode set in Capcom’s Resident Evil universe. Dead By Daylight style, the game, which is about a scientist (Mastermind) trying to hunt down four subjects trying to get out of the confined space, seems like a nice idea. Choosing between 6 characters, the team of subjects tries to break free from the research facility by solving puzzles between the traps the scientist has set and the enemies he has placed. Mastermind, in addition to setting traps, zombies or Mr. He’s trying to control X so that no subjects escape.

We’re actually playing not a remake of RE3: Nemesis, but a reinterpreted sequel to The Resident Evil 2 Remake, which came out last year.
I’ve had a chance to try the game, both as a subject and as a Mastermind. As subjects, we take equipment at the beginning of the game and try to escape by teamwork. To kill the zombies that exist before we even get up, Mr. When X comes after us, we have options like running away is fun. Each character has their own talent. One character is good at melee, while the other is able to disable mastermind’s tracking cameras. And when I played as a Mastermind, because I had to do the same things all the time, it quickly became boring.

As a separate game, Resistance doesn’t look too bright among multiplayer survival games. The characters are unstable, the game repeats itself too much, and most importantly, there are long waiting times because of the scarcity of players. As well as cosmetic items that you can buy with in-Game money, there are also updates that can strengthen the characters. You can shop at the in-game shop and earn points by playing, as well as buying through micro payments.

Originally prepared as a game of its own, Resistance made a big noise last year when it was leaked onto the internet.Capcom, which had previously been an unsuccessful performer in multiplayer games, did not receive good reviews about the game. With the announcement of the Resident Evil 3 remake, it was revealed that resistance would be released along with the main game. It’s a good decision in terms of Resistance, because I can’t think how good a sale it alone would exhibit.

As a result Resident Evil 3 Remake, the original game has been a production that interprets from the beginning. It is not a remake of the original game, but rather a sequel to The Resident Evil 2 remake released last year. There is a wasted potential in the game, both in terms of story and gameplay, and that really stands out. But if I say the game is bad as it is, it would be a great injustice. If you’re a player making their debut in the series for the next generation, you’ll definitely enjoy this game. If you are interested in the game, I strongly recommend that you take a look at the original version.

Resident Evil 3 Remake and the Resistance that comes alongside it are not games that deserve the $ 60 price on their own. Those expecting more after the Resident Evil 2 Remake will be disappointed. Still lack a lot of survival horror type games, in addition to being a multiplayer game, considering the presence of the resistance, I figure it’s worth giving a chance.