Warcraft III-Reforged Review

Warcraft 3 Reforged review: I think there is no PC player who calls himself, but never heard of Warcraft. Blizzard, which is seen as one of the last bastions of PC gaming, but unfortunately has suffered a serious loss of prestige due to its decisions in recent years, is one of the greatest gifts to gaming culture in the Warcraft universe. It started its journey as an RTS, evolved into the MMORPG, and continued to be actively played by millions for over 15 years, making it forget its ancestor, aka WoW, RTS.

Warcraft III-Reforged review
Warcraft 3, which gave birth to a new genre, announced that it would appear again in BlizzCon in the past years. I was also very excited to be able to play Warcraft 3 with modern graphics once again, which had deep scars in my childhood. Come when you say go when you finally released our game on January 28 under the name Warcraft III: Reforged. So I took a quick dive into what I’ve been waiting for. But let me say from the beginning, we will not examine the game from scratch, we will only concentrate on its renewed aspects. Here you can find the Review article on Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos.

Now it’s first to remember what Blizzard has promised for Warcraft 3: Reforged from its announcement. Improved graphics, improved Dec scene cinematography, modern online infrastructure, improved editorial promises were at the top of the game’s announcement. Here, the graphics were the most exciting situations for the players. Even though it defied time as gameplay, our legend has aged graphically. Following Blizzard’s official announcement, we were excited to see a Warcraft 3, at least in StarCraft 2 quality.

In the gameplay footage released for the game, the details of the units were particularly appreciated, but the environmental visuals and the lack of detail of the ground in particular did not seem very different from the original. The Blizzard side said they were aware of the situation and would continue to improve. When I say Come and go, unfortunately, I was upset to see that the ground graphics did not develop at all in the output of the game. There was also almost no improvement in the overall lighting of the game, indicative of Blizzard’s laziness. Also, without disturbing the original Air, a little more dynamic lighting, the game can show much more pleasant, the name of the Reforged could give the right.

Another promise of Warcraft III: reformed had been improved Dec-stage cinematography. This excited the WoW players, especially at a young age, to fully understand the history of Warcraft, causing a WoW player to also take a chance on Warcraft 3: Reforged. Unfortunately, however, Blizzard didn’t keep his word on Dec scenes either. Blizzard deconstructs the intro to the full meaning of the introduction, while the other intermediate scenes in the story are untouched. But that’s not what he promised during the publicity. The production disappointed me and Warcraft fans about it, too.

Another important promise of construction had been modern online infrastructure. With Warcraft III: Reforged, the online episode, which will have a modern infrastructure, has unfortunately again been overshadowed by bugs. Constantly talking about falling out of the game, balancing issues, delay problems, Reddit and forums flooded with error messages. Blizzard tried to prevent the problems by making a major update, but could not prevent much fuss on the internet. In addition, the removal of features such as automatic Championship Creation found in the first game, the players were thoroughly angered.
Another promise of the game, perhaps the most important part of it, was the editor mode. In this mode, improvements were indeed made, allowing players to produce almost new games on Warcraft III: Reforged. Also, the MOBA genre was born from Dota, which was developed on the editor of Warcraft 3 itself. But Blizzard will not have forgotten what happened with DOTA, which announced that the intellectual property rights of all mods developed on Warcraft III: Reforged will remain in Blizzard. This situation in the forums almost led to failure and the players mutinied. Players who stated that this would break the fervor of the popular developers showered Blizzard with criticism.

Long story short, Warcraft III: Reforged, with the general lines of a version that remains well below expectations is standing in front of us. The lack of graphics developed, failure to keep the promise made for the intermediate scenes, technical errors, decoded features and the rights to the editor mode remained in Blizzard, resulting in a general disappointment. Although Blizzard said the problems would be solved and the game would continue to evolve, a remaster project would last 2 years and the result would be this way, players ‘ confidence seems to be broken.